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We have set our goal to deliver a better quality gantry and hooklift container, at a competitive price compared to the current market. As an example, we have weighted the 3m3 portal container all around with spoon holes on 4 sides. We have now had the 6m3 and 9m3 portal containers made with 4 instead of 2 spoon holes (see drawings). This makes the portal containers easy to move by a forklift truck. We think we have developed a portal container that is easier to use and lasts longer. We can offer you container bins at the best price. Cheap portal containers that you will enjoy for a long time. It goes without saying that we can also supply the portal containers in a lighter version and with / without spoon holes. The portal containers are available in various sizes; from 2 to 10m3. The hooklift containers can be supplied from 10 to 40m3. We are open to all your questions and would like to invite you to visit us in Bergschenhoek. (By appointment). You can then go through everything with us while enjoying a cup of coffee and view the container bins on site. See you soon!


If you have other wishes, fill in the voucher and send it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Due to our large purchase, we have been able to negotiate an extremely competitive / low price with the manufacturer.
Due to the weighted versions of the containers, including the extra spoon holes at the 6 and 9m3 containers, it offers more options during use and less risk of damage / breakage. This was a wish of many companies that work with rubble and scrap iron.
Because there are already drawings and more than sufficient production capacity, the manufacturer can produce quickly.

If you have any questions, send your name and telephone and we will call you back.